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The decision to enter a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is a very difficult and life changing one. For those that are still under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the first step towards recovery is medical detox. It’s important to enter the recovery program sober, so Lincoln Nova Vital provides a separate program specifically for detox. The side effects associated with detox and withdrawal cannot only be painful but can be lethal without the supervision of professionally trained assistance.

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  We understand that the physical dependency that the body builds up due to drug and alcohol addiction can make the process of detoxing excruciating and feel unbearable. To help ease this pain, we provide medication-assisted treatment to individuals in need. With the help of Suboxone, a safer alternative to methadone, patients can help ease some of the painful physical side effects that accompany detox and withdrawal.

Do I Need Detox?

Our medical detox center in Louisiana services those who have a medical requirement for their own safety.  There is not blanket statement of the medical need of medical detox, however, with our years of experience, we can outline several cases that would require a medical detox. Below is a list of cases where detox is possible

  • Severe Alcohol Use
  • Valium Addiction
  • Xanax Addiction
  • Other benzodiazepines or barbiturates
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction

Your Next Steps

Why Choose Us?

Medically monitored detox is not only taxing on each patient’s physical wellbeing, there is an emotional and psychological aspect associated with this step of the recovery process. Let Lincoln Nova Vital guide you every step of the way. While socializing during detox and recovery is strongly encouraged, private rooms are available for those looking for more seclusion. We understand that different people have different wants and needs, and we strive to provide a comfortable environment for everyone that walks through our doors.

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