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Drug courts are special court hearings given the responsibility of handling drug-related offenders that are non-violent, giving them an opportunity to get their lives back on track. Drug courts handle small-time offenders, parents with drug problems and juveniles presenting them with an option of getting help through rehabilitation programs as opposed to incarceration. One of the reasons why these courts caught up in popularity was the fact that they reduced congestion in jails, gave the offenders the opportunity to live among the people while being treated.

The number of drug-related offenders in the U.S is large enough to cripple the incarceration system using up valuable government resources. Most of these offenders are family based and are also nonviolent. Some other benefits of using these courts include;

  • The reduction of drug abuse, alcoholism and drug dependency by the offenders. The offenders are taken through treatment and counseling while providing them with empowerment opportunities to make something out of themselves.
  • The courts also reduce criminal recidivism. Most of the criminals that leave the system often end back into the system, creating a vicious cycle and overcrowding in the jail. The drug courts ensure that the habits are corrected and a large number of users get completely clean.
  • The drug courts also help redirect government resources to more severe cases, and away from drug and alcohol-related workload.
  • The courts demand and increase personal, family-based and societal accountability of the offenders making them useful members of the community. The process also helps them recover after treatment
  • The collaboration of the government, the city and state-run programs to bring about change in society.
  • It also helps the government earn revenue as the offenders get to work and be productive members of society.

These courts have recorded over 60% success rates when it comes to getting addicts clean. The program has also come in handy for offenders that have been in the system for a while doing drugs. Most of these offenders end up falling back to drugs even after being released into the public leading to a fallback in crime.  Drug offenders have the opportunity to pick a treatment of choice out of the many in the State. We not only offer rehabilitation and counseling, but provide the help you need to get back your life back on track. We also provide useful information and support as you go through the treatment that will enable you to recover faster.

The offender is then subjected to frequent drug tests, supervision by the probation officer as well as the court, drug treatment, counseling, education and support from the relevant bodies. The state of Louisiana has also collaborated with private organizations and religious groups that have set up such rehabilitation centers to help the addicts recover. One of the main reasons why this has come in handy is because treatment is costly for offenders that are not financially stable. These organizations and religious groups provide free treatment and follow up which is an excellent option for those with financial problems.

Do I Qualify?

Candidates that go through the program successfully are cleared by the court after a series of tests and follow up. Their records are even swept clean giving them a fair chance to get back to a productive life. These programs have been such a success that the government has saved money through them. The cost of incarcerating a prisoner will cost about $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the length of the program excludes offenders that have more serious crimes including selling drugs, possession and other crimes. The reason is also that the success of the program is dependent on the offender integrating with society. The state of Louisiana has also set up criteria in which to choose candidates fit for the program. These include;

  •  One must be a resident of the State
  • Offenders have to be 17 years and over
  • There has to be a history of chemical dependence and addiction by the offender
  • The drug quantities found with the offender have to be in minimal amounts
  • The offender must not be found distributing and drug dealing
  • There should not be any history of violence at any point
  • The offender should not be a sex offender
  • The offender should not have any pending cases or hide in other states or jurisdictions
  • The crime shouldn’t have any involvement of weapons
  • The offender should plead guilty to the addiction and drug charges
  • There cannot be any other crimes within the state
  • The defendant cannot have been convicted of robbery with violence or aggravated robbery with people in a premise or have any prior case of such implications.
  • All claims must have previous screening from the attorney’s office and approval from the same office.
  • Only the Offenders that are most likely to fall into addictions and becoming dependent on drugs are considered for treatment.
  • The charge should not involve a DUI that led to the death of a road user or hospitalization of the same.
  • There shouldn’t be any crimes of violence defined in R.S 1412 (13), and R.S. 530f and compliance has to be within the same laws.
  • The charge should also not be on multiple counts related to drug charges, including possession, intent to sell and usage.

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