Private Rooms

At Lincoln Nova Vital Recovery we strive confidentiality and private rooms.

Art Therapy

We prove a relaxing creative Art Therapy to our addiction treatment progam.


We have a shared gym with separate schedules for men and women.


We have cafeteria with excellent meal preparation.

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You are not alone

Drug and alcohol abuse can be found across many different types of career fields. Even professionals make mistakes and find themselves too suffering from different types of addiction. Anyone’s productivity can be altered by any given substance. When you find you can no longer maintain your professional productivity, you know your career and overall life is on the line and off balance.

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Do not risk losing your career

There are many careers where you cannot just pick up and leave your job for weeks at a time. People have families and bills to pay. There is a high percentage of people with careers making it by daily while living day to day suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction problem. However, one should know that addiction disorders is known to be a legitimate mental health illness. With addiction disorders being a mental health illness there are laws in place to help keep your job while you seek the help you are in need of for your substance abuse problem.

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Healthcare coverage is not needed to get the quality of care for your drug or alcohol addiction. Someone may prefer to pay cash at a drug rehab facility rather than filling out stacks of paperwork. Personal privacy may also be considered when deciding on paying privately. Privacy and quality of care are two main topics most individuals look for when seeking a drug rehab facility. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who have a substance abuse problem but only about ten percent will seek help or treatment for their condition. Drug and alcohol abuse does not discriminate.

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