Death by drug overdose is on the rise. Over 70,000 people died in 2017 from overdoses.

Heroin is a dangerous opioid that comes from the poppy plant. It is often injected, inhaled, or smoked. Use and abuse of heroin are so deadly because users consistently seek out higher doses to feel the same rush.

Concerned about someone in your life? Think they may be hiding a drug problem? Keep reading below for three signs of heroin use you should be on the lookout for.

1. Behavioral Changes

There are many changes in behavior due to heroin use you may notice before other signs. Someone dealing with an addiction may suddenly start avoiding friends and family. This is especially likely if people have started to ask questions.

You should also keep watch for a decrease in personal hygiene, an increase of sleeping, and a general lack of motivation. With a lack of motivation, someone may also start struggling at work or with school.

Other behavioral signs of a drug problem include constant lying, slurred speech, and going back and forth between hyperactivity and tiredness.

If you have access to their room or home, keep an eye out for things like burned spoons, glass pipes, or syringes. If you do find some of these items, you may want to consider an inpatient program.

2. Mood Signs of Heroin Use

Someone abusing heroin may also exhibit mood changes. Rapid mood swings and depression are very common in addicts. Look for periods of euphoria as well.

A person struggling with drugs may also lash out at you and other loved ones. They will often blame you for any and all of your problems.

If they are going through even a temporary withdrawal, be prepared for increased agitation and irritability.

Other more serious and scary signs of a heroin problem include delusions and hallucinations. These can be scary as people won’t realize they are occurring.

Be on the watch for signs of paranoia and disorientation as well. Your loved one may become highly suspicious of anyone around them and believe they are always being watched.

3. Physical Clues

Track marks on legs or arms are one of the biggest physical clues your loved one may be struggling. Be suspicious if someone wears long sleeves even in the heat. They may be concealing their track marks.

Other physical signs include a running nose, nausea or vomiting, and constricted pupils. Also, be mindful of sudden weight loss or an increase in scabs or bruises. The latter two can happen from someone picking at their skin due to itchiness.

Help Your Loved Ones by Knowing the Signs

Having suspicions that someone close to you is struggling with drugs is a scary thought. Knowing some of the signs of heroin use can be helpful in identifying an issue before it gets serious.

Be their friend. Be their loved one. Be their hero.

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