For the 7.5 million Americans struggling with drug abuse, the most difficult part of the journey may be admitting there’s a problem.

Once you’ve cleared this hurdle, you’re ready to begin drug rehabilitation and recovery. What follows, though, isn’t necessarily any easier.

Here are three of the toughest challenges you’ll need to face when you choose rehab. Knowing about them beforehand will help you prepare to face them.

1. Choosing the Right Program Can be Difficult

You’ve likely seen portrayals of rehab programs in movies or on TV. You know about things like drug rehab rules, but you’re still wondering, “What is rehab like?”

It depends a bit on the program you choose. Each one is a little bit different. Different programs use different methods to help people on their recovery journey.

Some programs will use a 12-step methodology. Others use different evidenced-based therapies.

There are also differences in the way programs are run. Some programs are designed for inpatients, where you’ll go and stay at the facility for a certain period. Other programs send you home at the end of the day.

Finding the right program can be a challenge all on its own. You may feel overwhelmed by your options. You may not know which therapies will be most effective for you.

Some patients also need to think about insurance and affordability. There are ways to get the treatment you need. The right supports can help you research programs and decide on the right treatment.

If you find a program isn’t working for you, don’t give up. You may respond better to a different type of program.

2. It’s Emotional

If you’ve ever asked, “What do you do in rehab?”, you should know you’ll be kept busy. Rehab isn’t an extended vacation. You’ll be expected to put in some hard work to recover and improve yourself.

A quick look at various programs shows the following activities are common:

  • Educational classes
  • Counseling sessions
  • Support group meetings

You may be asked uncomfortable questions during counseling or group meetings. Activities may ask you to engage with your behavior and your emotions.

Many people assume the worst part of recovering is withdrawal. People on journeys to recovery know the way rehab challenges you can be even more difficult.

3. Drug Rehabilitation Doesn’t End with Your Program

When you finish your program, you may think your journey with drug rehabilitation is over.

You may not need to follow the rehab rules any longer, but your road to recovery is far from over. In fact, many people say drug rehabilitation and treatment never truly ends.

There’s a good reason for this. Recovering from drug addiction and abuse is difficult work. It takes much longer than can be covered in a program that spans a few weeks.

Think of rehab as a way to kick start your journey. With it, you can use the skills that will help you recover.

Take the First Step on the Road to Recovery

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If you’re ready to start your journey but aren’t sure about the first steps, get in touch. We can help you discover the right drug rehabilitation program for you. It’s a long and challenging road ahead, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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